Changes & Challenges


A fishing boat in Haiti.

Do you ever feel inadequate to fulfill the calling God has placed in your life?

After I got home from Haiti a little over a year ago, I felt strongly that I needed to spend more focused energy being a parent and homeschooling mom.  You see, I tend to have a one track mind, so when God gave me a vision & a passion to begin this ministry, I put all my energy into it… and that meant less energy for teaching my children.  My husband & I have always felt that our children are our first ministry and when God called me to start The Bridge, that did not change.  So for the past year, I have focused more on our kids, but sadly I feel like I have not done enough with The Bridge.  I want to be doing so much more with this ministry:  I want to do more to connect our sponsors with the children,  recruit more sponsors, post to this blog more often, plus I want to start exploring other ways that the school can earn money to help feed & educate the students of Carrefour Poy.

I am learning that with both of these important ministries in my life, I have to rely on God’s strength every single day.  I am learning to balance my time better; certain hours are for homeschooling and certain hours are for working on The Bridge.  (Don’t ask when the “clean the house” hours happen. Ha!) I am learning to have patience and trust in God’s timing.  When a family emergency prevented us from doing a presentation about The Bridge in front of our church, I am remembering that God’s timing is better than my own.  When I am not getting questions answered because of third world technology or electricity problems or because my own computer broke, I am reminded that God is greater than technology.  When Debby, who has been my assistant in this ministry from the beginning stepped down recently, I remember that God is in control and that His grace is sufficient for me!

I need to remind myself on a daily basis to keep my eyes turned to my God who is the Author & Finisher of my faith and Who gave me the vision for The Bridge & will provide for all my needs and the needs of His precious children in Haiti.   And I am thankful for all the ways He has provided for me already… including a husband who has stepped up & offered to help with this ministry when I need it, and who always helps with our family (including when we do find those elusive house cleaning hours).

He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord. Isaiah 26:3

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