This is one of those things that has been on my heart for a long time, but I don’t express nearly often enough.

When I started working on this ministry 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I started out with nothing but a vision, a passion and a whole lot of prayer.  And yet, a total of 15 families came along side me immediately becoming sponsors and about 10 more families joined us within the next few months.  Every quarter, as I go through my records to send out quarterly reports, I am reminded of these families and their willingness to join with me from the very beginning and I am grateful.

Happy Haitian kids getting food and an education through The Bridge!

Happy Haitian kids getting food and an education through The Bridge!

In the time since then, many others have joined us in sponsoring children, some of our original sponsors have chosen to sponsor a second child (or even more!).  We’ve also had some whose financial situation has changed and have had to stop their sponsorship.  But for each and every person who has participated in this ministry, I am grateful.

There have been several people who have donated money to The Bridge for the food program or other needs the children of Carrefour Poy have.  Some are sponsors and some do not have the means to send money every month, but have donated out of an unexpected abundance.  These people have done much to fill the tummies of hungry children in Carrefour Poy and I am grateful for them.

Sweet girls, grateful for food.

Sweet girls, grateful for food.

I am currently preparing to go to Haiti in July with two of my children as part of a youth group trip.  I have been blown away at the generosity of people who have helped us financially prepare for this trip.  At one point, I had been quite concerned  that we would not have the means to pay for all of our expenses: airfare, room and board, transportation, translators, supplies, etc.  I am truly grateful for the many friends and family who have contributed to help make this happen.

I know there are many people who pray for me and for this ministry.  Some are sponsors and some are not, but all have blessed me by sharing the burden of this ministry through prayer.  For each of you, for each and every prayer prayed on my behalf or on behalf of the children of Carrefour Poy, I am grateful.

Through this ministry, I have had the opportunity to meet friends I never would have otherwise.  People who, though they may be of a different generation than me,  share with me a passion for Haiti.  People who have a passion for following God, no matter where He leads.  People from a completely different culture, who I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  Haitian friends such as Gilbert and Claudel who have taught me so much about faith and joy in all circumstances.  I am grateful for each of these people in my life.

I am grateful for my family.  For my husband who is my partner and encourager in life and ministry and for my children who share my excitement about serving in Haiti.

Two of my three boys, finding Haiti on the world map.

Two of my three boys, finding Haiti on the world map.

Three years ago, I had no way of knowing what would become of this little idea.  I just felt a burning desire to follow God where He was leading, so I did.  I did not think much about the future at the time.  Would we help out this little village school in Haiti for a year and be done?  Would it grow into something bigger?  I didn’t know.

When I think of all the people who have joined forces with me, proving their confidence in this ministry with their checkbooks, I am humbled.  This is truly not a work of Wendy.  Really, who would sign up to support that??  I don’t even think I would!  Sometimes I question, can I do this?  Am I good enough, organized enough, confident enough, to run a ministry?  Let me be honest.  The answer to all of the above is no.

I am reminded that the confidence these generous people are displaying is not in me, but in God.

"Created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand..." Ephesians 2:8-10.  One of my favorites.

“Created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand…” Ephesians 2:8-10. One of my favorites.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  This little ministry is God’s from beginning to end.  He has allowed me to play a part in it, he has brought new friends into my life through it.  He has brought people alongside me to pray and to join in this vision.  He has taught me many lessons of faith and trust through it.  He has blessed me abundantly by allowing me to participate in His kingdom work.  For all of these things I am grateful.

But this ministry is His.  And to Him I am abundantly grateful.


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4 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Jeanette Akins

    This is a wonderful post! Blessings to you, dear daughter. I love you, mom

  2. Fred&Pat Reis

    Wendy, I am grateful for you, for following where God is leading you, trusting in His sovereignty in this ministry, “the Bridge”. Thank you for being a great neighbor, too. A follow-up to the voice mail I left you about maybe having to duct-tape the 1 gallon bag to go to #6, Daphca Rene. I did get it to close and stay closed, the only thing I had to leave out was the Aim MEGA bubble berry toothpaste. Any chance of taking that extra? Whatever you decide will be good. Let me know. Gratefully yours, in Christ Jesus, P

    • wendy

      Thank you Pat! Yes, I’m sure I can fit the toothpaste in my luggage. I’ll talk to you more on Sunday. ~Wendy

  3. Janice Firling

    It is wonderful to read your blog and to better understand your ministry and plans. God is leading you to victory so that you can be His example and lead others. The mission in July will make memories for your sons that will be life changing for them & the young people of Haiti. Our prayers and support go wth you for safe travels and success in all your endeavors there. Wishing you God’s grace and peace. Janice & Paul

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