Giving Thanks

IMG_1011I was thrilled when I checked my email on Thanksgiving morning & found that Claudel had sent me several pictures of the children eating their first meal provided by The Bridge funds!

It is amazing to see the work God has done through this little program in the year it has been in existence.  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the school has been able to stay open allowing these children the opportunity of a good education and the blessing of learning more about Christ every day.  Not only that, but Pastor Gilbert has been able to add a school nurse to the school staff to watch over the health of the kids and we have been able to start the school meal program!



Currently, we are able to serve meals twice a month, but we have high hopes of being able to increase that amount in the near future.


Thank you so very much to our sponsors and to everyone who has donated to our school meal fund for helping to make this happen!  And thanks be to God for allowing us to be a part of His plan for providing for His precious little ones!

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.  Isaiah 58:10


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Food for the Children

In her last post, Wendy wrote about our goal of having 100 sponsored kids so that we will be able to regularly provide a daily school lunch for all 250 children that attend the school in Carrefour Poy.  This is a big goal, but ultimately it will be the simplest way to make sure we can keep a school lunch program going.  It will provide long-term sustainability.

The thing is, we don’t want to wait until we have 100 sponsored kids to start a school lunch program.  That’s going to take a while, and in the meantime, these kids routinely have one meal a day.  They come to school in the morning without any breakfast, and they go back home after school still not having eaten anything.  This is so hard for me, a food-obsessed American, to comprehend.

Recently, Wendy and I were looking through the kids pictures again.  I like to look at what some of them want to be when they grow up.  Some of them have pretty lofty dreams–an engineer, pastors, nurses, an agronomist.  Those professions could really make a difference in the village of Carrefour Poy.  But to learn at the highest level, it really helps if you are nourished.  So when I started doing the math, I said to Wendy, so if we can raise the money to feed the kids a meal every day at school, that will bring their weekly meals from 7 meals a week to 12.  That’s right.  They would still only be getting 12 meals a week!  That’s how often many of us eat in 2 days…

To start a school lunch program will cost $250/week for 1 meal per day for 250 kids.  That is 20 cents per meal.  When I was a kid, I thought of money in terms of candy bars.  For the price of one candy bar, five kids can have one extra meal that week.  Or, there’s the whole ‘give up a coffee’ trade-off thing.  For one large coffee, two kids can have a meal every day at school for a week.  Or are you one of those latte-drinking types?  Man, you could provide 20 meals for the price of one of those babies!  The point is not for you to give up a coffee or a latte, or even a candy bar.  I think the point is that because we are blessed to live lives where we can treat ourselves to a coffee or a latte or a candy bar is evidence that we can afford to help feed “the least of these.”   This week I am working on a quilt for a special exhibit titled “the least of these.”  I am embroidering all of Isaiah 58 on this quilt, and let me tell you, the words are quite convicting.  I encourage you to read the words and see what God really cares about in our world.

Let me get back to Carrefour Poy and give you the bottom line.  It only costs 20 cents to give a kid a meal.  20 cents can make a significant change in the life of one child.

I know the problem of world hunger can seem overwhelming.  It can seem hopeless.  The way I feel about it is that Carrefour Poy is our starfish.  You know that story, don’t you?  We might not be able to solve world hunger, but we can make a difference to the village of Carrefour Poy.

Won’t you join us by donating out of your abundance to help feed the children of Carrefour Poy?

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Notes for the kids

With a team (which included my husband) scheduled to go to Carrefour Poy to build a roof for the church in early May, I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to invite our sponsors to write notes for the children they are sponsoring.

I also thought it would be a good time to involve the children at our church in the ministry & give them the opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.  Kids from our Sunday School, Childrens’ Church & youth classes all participated by writing letters, Bible verses and drawing pictures to send to Carrefour Poy.  We ended up collecting about 70 letters to send to the children, letting them know we love them and are praying for them.

Here is Claudel passing notes out to the children:

Madocher with his note:

Litane with her note:

Monel & Diega looking at each others notes:

A group of girls reading their notes:

Thank you to everyone who spent time writing notes to the children & praise God for the opportunity to share His love with the kids in Carrefour Poy!

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The Clothing Drive!

Last fall, when our pastor visited Haiti, Pastor Gilbert mentioned that the parents were sometimes reluctant to send their children to church because they did not have nice clothes for them to wear.  That is hard for us Americans to even conceive of.  Not enough clothes?  We have so many clothes that for many of us it is a yearly event to go through our closets to take the old clothes to the thrift store so there will be room for the new clothes coming in.  Even those of us who shop at thrift stores tend to have too many “nice clothes.”

So we decided to have a clothing drive for the children of Carrefour Poy.  A group of men were planning a trip to build a roof on the church in Carrefour Poy, and we wanted to take advantage of this trip to send clothes along for the kids (when you travel internationally, you get one suitcase included for free.)  Because of Easter and other special events in our church, we did not even announce the clothing drive until three weeks before the guys were to leave on their construction trip to Haiti!  But our church (Grace Fellowship of Amador County) responded with the great generosity that they are know for.

A couple of days before departure, Wendy and I sorted through all the clothes that had been brought.  So many pretty new dresses, and lots of cute shirts and shorts–I wish we had counted the outfits that we were able to send with the guys.  We do know that we loaded two giant duffel bags  full of clothes, and the official weight was 100 pounds of clothing!

Wendy and I are planning to travel to Carrefour Poy at the end of September, and we plan to hold another clothing drive then, with a special emphasis on shoes!  So as you get ready for school at the end of summer, remember the kids in Carrefour Poy.  Watch for special sales, and if your child has outgrown their shoes before they wore them out, save them for us.

Women in Carrefour Poy helped to sort the clothes!

Happy kids leaving with their new clothes!

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The Original Bridge

In January of 2010, our family did not have a television.  We heard about the earthquake in Haiti on the radio and then had to wait until people started posting pictures on the internet to see the devastation.   My oldest son, Jason, who was 11 at the time and I sat at the computer looking at pictures and videos with tears in our eyes.  I remember him saying quietly. “I want to go there.”  When I asked him why he wanted to go there he said simply, “I want to play with those kids and make them smile.”

Since it was not feasible at the time to go to Haiti my son decided he wanted to raise money to help them out in some way.  I helped him make jars with signs on them asking people to donate their spare change to the children in Haiti; he put these in several stores in our home town and ended up collecting $235!  In November of 2010 a team from our church went to Haiti with that none shall perish.   Jason sent the money he had collected with them, asking them to use it in some way to help children.

When the team visited the village of Carrefour Poy, they learned that it would be helpful to have a bridge over a little stream that runs near the church and school.  This little stream is the village’s main source of water, but during the rainy season in Haiti, the stream turns into a raging torrent which would make it impossible for the children to cross to get to school.  The money that Jason collected was just enough to purchase all the materials needed to build a bridge over the stream.

Jeremy (Jason’s dad) and Logan of That None Shall Perish ministries with some of the kids of Carrefour Poy standing on the bridge in November of 2011.

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