• What is The Bridge Sponsorship Program?

The Bridge is a program of child sponsorship for the children of Carrefour Poy, Haiti.  By partnering with Pastor Gilbert Jules of Haiti we are able to help provide basic needs, education, and most importantly, the Gospel of Christ to the impoverished village of Carrefour Poy for just a small monthly fee of $25 per child.  Sponsoring a child through The Bridge is a means to expose the children of the village and their families to the Gospel as well as showing them the love of Christ by providing for the basic needs of the children and their families.

  • How are children chosen to be sponsored?

The school staff chooses some of the neediest children in the village of Carrefour Poy to be sponsored.  Some of these children are already enrolled in the school but are only able to pay a few pennies toward tuition.  Other children are from the village and would not be able to afford tuition without this sponsorship program. There are several students aged 16 and into their early 20s who are enrolled in the program.  Often, these kids have not been able to attend school regularly due to a lack of finances. In the words of Gilbert: “Parents there depend only on crops. They really don’t have jobs. So, whatever they get is not enough to even survive. They have the willingness to send their children to school, but most of them cannot.”

  • What is a typical day like for a sponsored child?

School is in session from 7:30am to 2:00pm.  The day begins with a short Bible devotion and worship time before classes begin at about 8am.  There is a late morning break when a school meal is served and the kids can play. For many children, this is often their only meal of the day. After school, the children may help their parents work in the garden, study, or go to the market.  They also like to play soccer or basketball and many will stay in the school yard to play until the gates are closed for the day.

  • What is being taught at the school in Carrefour Poy?

The school offers classes from pre-K through ninth grade. According to Pastor Gilbert, “As a Christian school, the main motive is to train the children to believe in Christ.”  Each day the students have Bible, history, math, reading, and writing in both French and Creole classes.  Grades seventh through ninth have classes in geography, science, computer science, Spanish, and English as well. Music, sewing, macramé, and jewelry are other offered classes.

  • What does $25 per month provide for each child?

$25 per month ($300 per year) pays your student’s school tuition.  This in turn pays the teacher’s and other staff salaries, thereby keeping the school open and able to educate and share the gospel with all of the student who attend the school. While we do ask for the student’s family to contribute a little money for books and a school uniform, if they truly cannot afford those things we will provide them for the student. Donations also help provide the funds needed for the school meal program which benefits all the school’s students and staff.

  • Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes.  When the opportunity arises for us to bring gifts or letters to your sponsored children we will let you know.  We also attempt to bring letters from the children to their sponsors when we are able.   

  • How can I be praying for The Bridge?

Please pray that God will multiply our resources to meet the physical needs of the children of Carrefour Poy.  Pray that through this program, the children we sponsor will come to know the love of Jesus Christ and that they will share that knowledge with their families, thus bringing the Good News to the whole village of Carrefour Poy.


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